Expert residential real estate appraisals for
every purpose

At Chudnow Druck Valuation, Inc. (CDV), we’ve been appraising residential properties for more than twenty years. Our expertise ensures reliable property valuations for every purpose from financing and loss mitigation to probate and divorce. In addition, we provide review appraisals when needed.

FHA- and VA-approved appraisers

Some of the largest financial, accounting and law firms in the country turn to CDV in southern Wisconsin. We are recognized for our knowledge and experience. And we are FHA- and VA-approved. So you can count on us for all of your residential appraisal needs.

Quick, convenient service

We are known for quick turnaround. To expedite the appraisal process, you can order your appraisal online. You can also receive completed reports in electronic form. In fact, our full-time appraisal and processing staff will do everything possible to meet your deadlines. If speed is critical to you, contact us to determine if you qualify for our “on-demand turnaround” service.

For more on how Chudnow Druck Valuation, Inc. can serve you, contact us by phone or email.

Chudnow Druck Valuation, Inc provides residential real estate appraisals for a full range of residential property types, including:
  • Single-family
  • Two- to four-family
  • Condominiums
  • Vacant land
  • New construction
  • Plans and specs
  • Lake frontage